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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: What are the advantages of an electronic version of a book?

A: eBooks are typically less expensive because the costs of publishing are less than for paperbacks. They are ecologically sound. The integrity will not diminish. You can purchase an eBook at your convenience without leaving your home or place of work or waiting for a store to open. And there is no need to worry about stock running out. You can literally hold your entire library of books in the palm of your hand.

Q: How do I purchase an eBook?
A: The first step is to open an account. Then you can search our catalogue, choose your preferred title and add it to your shopping cart. When you finish shopping you can check-out and pay for your purchases. Your books will appear in your library and be available for download as soon as payment is confirmed. This normally takes no more than a couple minutes.

Q: Could you explain what the Blue, Red and Pink rooms are?

A: Certainly, Blue, Red and Pink rooms loosely translate into Erotica, Erotic Romance and Sweet romance stories of various sub genres. For a-sexual books visit the Mainstream section.

Q: How do I search your catalogue to find the books I want to buy?
A: Decide what genre you are interested in. Say you want Chick Lit with a little spice. Click in the red room located on the header. When the Red roompage comes on you will find a list of sub-genres in the left hand column. Click on Chick Lit and whatever is available will come-up. Searches by author, publisher, or title are also available.

Q: How do I know which format to purchase?

Adobe Acrobat (PDF) is the recommended choice for Macintosh, Windows PC, Sony Reader, or Windows Tablet. You can download Adobe Reader here

HTML is the recommended choice for Linux/Unix Computer, Franklin E-Bookman, eBookwise-1150, or Hiebook readers.

Mobipocket (PRC) is the recommended choice for Kindle, Windows CE, Handheld PC, Palm OS device, Pocket PC or an EPOC device. You can download Mobipocket here.

Open eBook (ePub) is the recommended choice for iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad users. You can download Stanza, which will allow you to reach eBooks on your desktop (MAC or PC), iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad here. We also recommend ePub for all Android users in conjunction with Aldiko. This format also is recommended for the Nook and all Sony Readers.

Q: Do you give refunds?
A: No. We will, however, replace any damaged files.

Q: How do I contact you?
A: Click on the contact link that appears at the bottom of every page on the website and complete the form.

Q: How do I rate the books that I read?
A: You may rate each book that you’ve read. The rating system is a five-point scale, with 1 being least enjoyed and 5 being most enjoyed. Readers may only rate books that they have personally downloaded.

Q: Can I pay for eBooks with a check?
A: Sorry, no. We accept Visa, Mastercard, and Paypal only.

Q: Can you explain your "heat" rating system?
A: Sure!

  • Sweet - Stories will either not have consummated love scenes, or if the loves scenes are consummated detail is not given.
  • Sensual - Stories will have some love scenes. These will be more sensual then graphic and will mostly rely on euphemism.
  • Steamy - Stories will have sensual, yet more explicit love scenes, and the language used to describe them may be more graphic and direct.
  • Sizzling - Stories have frequent love scenes that are explicit and described using graphic and direct language.
  • Torrid - Stories have a high frequency of love scenes that are explicit, described using graphic and direct language, and/or contain subject matter that some readers may consider objectionable.

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